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BIMC Headquarter

Bureau of International Management Certifications

135 Manverl Road, Samavory Street,
Northamptonshire, UK, NN10 9yt
E-mail : info@bimcas.com

Contact BIMC Information Desk for General Queries
E-Mail :info@bimcas.com
Contact BIMC Information Desk for Certificate Validity or about Suspended Certificates
E-Mail :certificate@bimcas.com
Contact BIMC Information Desk for Accreditation & Technical Queries
E-Mail :dir@bimcas.com

BIMC @ Worldmap

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BIMC Australia
BIMC Assessment Services Pvt. Ltd.
635, Jamburne Street, Rickhen Beach,
QLD 4512
07 5341 8488
E-mail : info.australia@bimcas.com

BIMC Singapore
BIMC International Certification Services
221, Blok 10-11, Borchin Izmiho,
Alphin Swee road, Manhattan House,
Singapore 169876
E-mail : info.singapore@bimcas.com

BIMC Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.
3154, Mawikape Lane,
Suite # 354, Houston, Texas
TX 77036 USA, PO Box : 77496-7509 USA
E-mail : info.usa@bimcas.com

BIMC India
BIMC India Ltd.
305, Wing A-4, 3rd Floor
Ellora Industrial Estate,Vijayaraghava Road,
Tamilnadu - 600 016
E-mail : info.india@bimcas.com

BIMC Italy
Erminio Petronio
Via Carrara Snc, Golem Industriale
04013 Latina Scalo (LT), Italy
E-mail : info.italy@bimcas.com

BIMC Egypt
BIMC Certifications Ltd.
Block 45, Section 7, Africa Str (3th Zone)
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
E-mail : info.egypt@bimcas.com